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A strong core and a flexible spine

I’m in the home stretch of finishing up my Pilates certification so that I can officially teach others. I have been a research consultant for 27 years (starting as an intern at a buildings research firm). What I love about consulting is that every day is new and interesting. Just when I’ve learned enough about a topic through research, mostly qualitative, to write a report, or strategic implementation plan, I get to move on and leave the daily operations to others. I’m a searcher –exploring and asking questions; an analyst – thinking about what is really going on and looking for patterns in data; a communicator – expressing what I’ve learned into words and visual stories, and a creative – optimistically dreaming of ways to improve the world around me.

For every project I’ve ever worked on I create an elevator speech or tell people they need one, yet I’ve never been able to find one that satisfactorily summarizes what I do – until now…

I was listening to Brené Brown discuss a strong back, a soft front and a wild heart. She used a metaphor that sounded like Pilates to me. A strong core and a flexible spine.

I thought teaching Pilates might bore me, but each person I work with has a different personality, and different physical strengths and challenges. It is a creative endeavor and every day is different.

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